I do not have any partners.
I can recommend to clients other asbestos service providers with whom I have had experience and I trust to provide a good service.
These services include, asbestos removal, asbestos air monitoring, asbestos waste removal, asbestos databases.

John Master
1989  The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health  
  National Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health ( NEBOSH )
1996  The British Examining Board in Occupational Hygiene Preliminary
  Certificate with Credit in Asbestos
1996  The British Examining Board in Occupational Hygiene, Competent
         Person Oral Examination in Asbestos         
2006  The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (RSPH) Level 3
         Asbestos Inspection Procedures Certificate      
2007  The CITB-Construction Skills Asbestos Inspection Scheme  
  Certificate of Competence

Position: Managing Director/ Company Secretary